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Classroom instruction is available for those local to the Midland, Michigan community. Grade level offerings vary year-to-year based on enrollment, but please feel free to schedule a tour or request a certain grade level be added. Class membership is limited. Contact Ms. Kari for tuition pricing and membership availability.

Core Subject Areas

Interest-led learning means that the core subject areas of math, history, science, and language arts, will look different for each student depending on their goals and current interests. The teacher observes students’ interests and designs frameworks for exploration; students then take the lead, deciding the length and depth of their investigative studies. In addition to the subjects of mathematics, history, science, and language arts, scholars also have the opportunity to learn French as a second language. There are no standardized tests, and scholars are allowed time to master the material.

Art & Music

We begin each day with music and movement, often through the practice of yoga, to ready our minds and bodies for the daily lessons. The subjects of art and music are built in alongside our core curriculum. Students have access to a variety of art materials throughout the classroom, and we often connect back to nature and natural materials as well.

Computers & Technology

While we are mostly a screen-free facility, I do want to ensure my students learn the appropriate use of technology, and how to use technology responsibly. Students have access to a classroom computer for Adventure Academy and Typesy. Both of these educational programs supplement our interest-led classroom lessons, allowing the teacher the ability to track students’ progress and activity. These programs can also be accessed at home to extend learning opportunities.

TAG Fridays

We end each week with a celebration, putting into practice the lessons we are working on. Tea time, Author’s share, and Game day make up our TAG Fridays together. Tea time allows scholars the opportunity to enjoy a snack and tea together while listening to poetry or a theatre selection. Scholars then have the opportunity to share their own creative writing, if they choose, during our Author’s share. Group instruction on Fridays consists of educational card games and board games, relating to our lessons or themes of interest, that challenge students to apply their knowledge and skills through play.

Our Classroom

Our learning extends well beyond the walls of our classroom, but here’s a small sampling of what our classroom environment has to offer. Schedule your tour to see more!

Classroom Library & Daily Journals

Our classroom library is stocked with reading material on a variety of topics. There’s a special section for our early readers, on up to a reference section for the older scholars. Students can take their books to the reading nook to get comfy and immerse themselves in the reading experience. Later, they may choose to create their own stories at the journal center. These journals are students’ space for creative writing, and can be shared on Friday during our author’s share.

Science Lab & LEGO Engineering

Our science area is set up to invite scholars to explore the worlds of biology, chemistry, and physics. The lab stations include science tools and resources needed for weekly experiments. When not busy in the lab, scholars may choose to experiment with building and engineering at the LEGO center.

Playground & Forest Exploration

As a class, we explore the entire 20 acres Tri Village Academy LLC has to offer. Over the years, scholars have built what they refer to as “The Kingdom” in the forest, a collection of forts that is ever-evolving and growing into something new. Scholars also enjoy recess in the playground area with a variety of activities and equipment.

Why Tri Village Academy?

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