How to Get Started Homeschooling

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  • Get the educational support, guidance, and insight of an experienced teacher

  • Establish a clear homeschooling vision and mission

  • Select a homeschooling philosophy and method

  • Define what is important to you and your child

  • Learn where to find information about homeschooling laws and requirements in your area

  • Take control of your homeschooling budget

  • Create a schedule that fits your family's lifestyle

Introduction and Demo

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Meet your Instructor

Kari Triplett

Headmaster of Tri Village Academy LLC

I am a former public school teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience in public school, private school, and homeschooling settings. My public school experience came from the middle school and high school levels. After having my first child I combined my passions for teaching and the outdoors and created an in-home, nature-based preschool. Eventually, the school became a mixed-age, private, non-public school and I started creating custom homeschool curricula for families around the United States who could not attend in person. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with demand. That's when I decided to create an online course to teach parents and guardians how to get started homeschooling and create their own custom interest-led curriculum.

How to Get Started Homeschooling

Online Course for Parents

Course Content

  • Top 3 Tips for Getting Started

    • Learn where to find information about homeschooling laws and requirements in your area.

    • Discuss the importance of establishing a clear vision and mission. Includes a downloadable template to help you create your Homeschool Mission Statement.

    • Establish a monthly budget that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  • Know Your Child

    • Reflect on the importance of getting to know yourself as an educator and your child as a student.

    • Use the included downloadable template for Guardian Reflection Questions and Child Interview Questions to better understand how to mold your classroom and curriculum to best fit your family's needs.

  • Homeschooling Philosophies and Methods

    • Define the most common homeschooling philosophies and methods.

    • Use the included downloadable Reflections Worksheet to select the most appropriate philosophy and method for your family.

  • Discover What is Most Important

    • Use the included downloadable This or That Activity to help you define what is most important to you and your child as you decide what your homeschooling experience will look like.


  • 33% discount on the upcoming extended course, How to Homeschool, that will teach you how to create your own custom, interest-led homeschool curriculum

  • Lifetime access to course content

  • Billed one time only

  • Stream all videos online

  • Downloadable templates

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How to Get Started Homeschooling

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